You can navigate freely in our website and examine all lots. But if you want to participate to the auctions by bidding or make purchases from the section " Net Price Sale ", you have to fill first the membership form by clicking on " membership " button on the leften upper corner.
It will take a few moments with no obligation from your side. Philately related emails are sent regularly to all our members.

You can find our Conditions of Sale in the Auction page on the leften side link.

Auctions can be seen on our website even on the day of the Auction. They will be removed automatically when the day date changes.

When there is an active auction, the front page of the printed auction catalogue will appear on the auction page. By clicking on it you can make your entry to the auction.

By clicking on the leften side on:
-" All lots " link you can see all lots by increasing lot numbers;
-" Lot's groups " link you can see all lots as grouped;
-" Search " link you can make your search by using lot numbers or keywords.
When you click on the lot you are interested in, you'll able to see all the necessary information on the lot with its picture. But there will be no option to put it on the basket unless you make your membership entry. When you login with your nickname and password you can add the lots you are interested in on the basket.

You can add your choosen lots to the basket by clicking " Add to basket " on the single lot details page or by checking small boxes on the lots page and then clicking on " Add the choosen items to the basket " button. To see your basket please click on " Show the basket " button or " Basket " link sown always on leften side.

Starting price is always attributed to the " Bid TL " box. You can increase the starting price inside this box.

When you are done with basket operations please click on " Order " button to send all your bids. You'll see on the screen your final bids. By clicking on " Finish Order " button, a copy of your bids list will be sent to your email address you given in your membership form. We'll receive a second copy by email.

You'll be notified of the results of your bids by email when the auction is done.

You can purchase lots on the " Net Price Sale " section with the indicated price. This price is net, including VAT and there will no premium or other fee. Only the registered postage fee will be added.

All lots you put on the basket will be reserved for you for 45 minutes.

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